Original Quotes

Original quotes by JR Draper, known as the Faithful Deacon. Please feel free to share these quotes with other Christians or on social media. If you have any questions or comments about these quotes, I encourage you to send an email to hello@faithfuldeacon.com for a response in 1 or 2 days.

Follow God

The solar sun in always brightest and appears larger when it’s directly overhead. The farther the solar sun travels from you or you from it, the smaller it appears until darkness consumes the sky. Similarly, God appears closest to us when He is positioned directly overhead, and He becomes smallest when His light is farthest from us. Therefore, as Christians, our duty is to move as God moves, and to position ourselves always with Him above us.


A seismologist can determine an earthquake has occurred by looking at a seismograph. Intense vibrations register as seismic waves on seismograms, which can be presented as evidence of fact. In much the same way, regeneration by the Holy Spirit produces a seismic shift in a convert’s life that can be measured and offered as fact that a transformation has indeed occurred.

Authentic Truth

The world is obsessed with authenticity. The “authentic self” is a term that has been adopted by the unregenerate class, and the truth they seek is inside of themselves. Their values and spirit are in alignment with their own perceptions of truth rather than absolute truth. For the regenerated class, authentic faith takes priority, and we conform ourselves to the ideals and teachings of our Lord and Master, and His image is the one we seek as authentic and absolute truth.
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